Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stand Alone Printing Ideas

I am currently working on a stand alone or computer assisted control. I have a few options that I am currently looking into. One of them is to drastically slim down the computer size and the other option is similar to the rasberry PI with a pronterface like UI. I kinda like the stand alone option with everything tucked into a larger portable controller with mounted screen. Something that is easily transported and easily setup with any printer that is using Ramps. Some of the other options that I am pursuing are more workstation oriented. I'm sure that either way I go I will be satisfied. If not then I will continue with further redesign. I posted some pictures showing the options of the routes I may take. I currently have a 7" screen mounted to my Printrbot Nintendo ed. That is controlled through an old skool Nintendo controller. I will more than likely take down the 7" screen and mount it into a portable controller that is simply plugged into my current setup. Check back soon, I will update as I continue with the design.

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