Thursday, January 31, 2013

PrintrBot is becoming somewhat repstrap

I recently recieved parts to build a printerbot but after doing research I found that it had a lot going for it. Such as the axis's can be extended with a few rods for the most part. I al
so found a lot of downfalls. Such as the problems with sagging motors under the print bed from heat radiation and the lack of overall rigidity. So I decided that I was going to build a Printrbot the way it should of been built in the first place. I will be going step by step to try and address and fix all the downfalls to make the ultimate Printrbot. The first problem I undertook was the eventually sagging motor X axis. as well as the main base structure. I wanted to strengthen it and get away from using 4 threaded rods. Partially due to cost and also because I feel there is a better way of doing it. I figured out a mount for the motor that creates equal pressure and eliminates any lateral play.

UPDATE: Feb 2nd 2013--->
Meddling around with the mount for the X axis I came up with a better idea. I am a big fan of using one part to solve two or more problems.  I decided to make my motor mount stronger and also help dissipate any residual heat from the motor at the same time. I took a thinner heat sink, thermal paste and mounted it to the bottom of the motor as well as the motor mount. Which are both tied into the main base structure. I will update with more scientific results.

I've recently posted the complete build log for this reprap.  The title is Printrbot Nintendo edition.  The full build log. Check it out RepRap Squad has some interesting builds.