Thursday, February 7, 2013

Update on the repstrap Printrbot

I made a new structure that will secure the entire base of My PrintrBot.  I used dampners to take out any movement when the machine is in operation.  Another reason I added this base free feature is to organize my wiring. In the picture you can see that there is a space or void between the base layers under the acrylic. This works perfectly as a cable pass through. I can organize and put My logic power supply under the 1St layer of the base structure. Another purpose of this setup is it allows for more adjustments. I can adjust the angle of the entire machine to make sure it is level no matter what the conditions. Like all My other mods I like everything to be convenient when configuring for transportation or just dial in My machine.

UPDATE: I used threaded rod to hold the z and y axis in place for mock up. It works great. I'm still working on how I want to mount My dual z axis motors.  I want to try and do something similar to the x axis. They definatly will need extra support and I want to have the option of cooling both these motors.  I'm not sure if I want to do active or passive cooling. Ill come back to this later. I started running and wrapping motor and end stop wiring and it working out well. I can already tell that the void I left between the base and the main support structure on the bottom was a good idea. It will help keep everything organized and give it a clean look. Check out the updated pictures. 

UPDATE: Feb 8th 2013
I got My cooling fan setup. Just a few more adjustments. I need to rotate it 180 degrees to keep the wiring out of the way. You guessed it, It's fully adjustable just like everything else. I am a big fan of versatility, if you haven't noticed by now. Check it out.

To see where the printrbot build started click here.

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