Sunday, February 3, 2013

CnC build

I built a CnC before I got into 3D printing.  So I thought I would post some build pictures and maybe it might give some people some ideas or potentially help someone with their build. I started with the basic design of the MYDIYCNC. I thought that I needed to make some changes. Some changes I made do to My low budget. I never sacrifice performance for cost. I just come up with a different way to build it with what I have available.  I have a natural gift of making something out of nothing. My pictures some how got out of order. I also realized that I forgot to post pics of the finished product. I am out of town but when i get home I will post the finished CnC. I have also built a full sized CnC, I will post pictures of both soon. Here are some picks going in order from oldest to newest. I will update with finished cnc pics soon.

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