Saturday, March 2, 2013

New J-Head modifications

I am currently working on building my new version of the J-Head hot end. I will be making a few modifications, some of them being an detachable nozzle. I am going to mill down solid brass acorn nuts with various size nozzle holes. They will more than likely range from .25mm to .50mm. I will also add some threads to the brass heating block which will make for quick nozzle changes as well as easy cleaning and future modifications. I will initially build 2 hot ends that will be run on a Wades hinged cold end with an adapter plate. One adapter plate will be made from milled aluminium and the other from acrylic. Both of these will be ran through extensive tests and will be made using the best materials. After all testing is done I might offer a few for sale at a reasonable price. I am also thinking about making one 1.75mm and the other 3mm. I will be using the majority of the new J-Head designs and I will also post test results on this site. Eventually these hot ends will be tested with several different cold end and machine setups. The picture below will show the basic design I have chosen for this build. They will be build, tested and re-manufactured at a local machine shop. Make sure to check back for updates. They will also be using both the original and the new temp sensors and wire round resisters.

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