Sunday, March 3, 2013

L.E.D.s, a Side Project

I wanted to add some LED's to my RepRap but I couldn't decide a color or how to build them. So I figured why not have my cake and eat it too. I created a multicolored arrey of LED's. Colors included are yellow, red, blue and green. I still can't decide how I am going to set them up to turn on. I could use a switch but that's kind of boring. I'm debating on setting up patterns to run. One option is to have the LED's change color to coincide with bed or hot in temp. Blue for cold and red for hot. I could also use green as power on and yellow as a pilot light for active printing. I have it setup so I can runs multiple colors at the same time so I can mix colors as well. I kinda like making the LED's useful as well as aesthetics. I'm a multipurpose and multitasking kinda builder. I will update as the build comes along. I will be using an Arduino to run the patterns and temp settings for the lights. 

UPDATE: March 6th 2013---»
I've been looking into all kinds of different LED setups online and I'm now debating if I should setup lighting patterns and other cool setup with my LED's. More then likely I will use my Arduino and charlieplexing so I can control as well as program individual LEDs. It will be fun to build my own programs. I'm not sure if I will dive into the setup I previously stated. The best part is the fact that I am learning a lot more than I had previously known about LEDs and programming them with my Arduino. I also decided to re-wire the LEDs so I can color code all the wiring according to placement and color. This will help a lot when it comes to hooking everything up as well as programming. I will make sure to add to this as decisions are made.

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